Scrap my car

The value of your vehicle is based on the weight. At our yard we have a weigh bridge where your car is weighed. Based on the weight of your car and the market value of the metal we calculate a value for you. Money is also given for alloy wheels if your car has them and also for your catalytic converter.

All prices that Ace Car Breakers quote for vehicles are 100% guaranteed so there is no messing about at the roadside, as long as you are honest when you tell us about the vehicle we will be honest with our price

Ace Breakers deals directly with its customers and can offer you the best price for your car. The majority of other car collection companies currently trading will bring your car after they have purchased it from you and sell it to companies like us so make their profit. Deal directly with us for the best price guaranteed.

Vehicles are paid for by company cheque or by money transfer into your bank account in line with current legislature banning cash for scrapping vehicles meaning neither the buyer or seller is breaking any laws.

The most important person in this whole process is the customer so at anytime Ace Car Breakers can offer you advice and assistance in the removal of your vehicle so don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns.

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