Do I have to inform the DVLA?

Our recovery driver will complete and leave Section 9 of the V5C (log book) with you which you will need to sign and send off to the DVLA. You will receive a conformation letter from DVLA to confirm they have … Continue reading

What is an ELV?

ELV stands for ‘End of Life Vehicle’. This is a vehicle that has reached the end of its life naturally through wear and tear. A vehicle that has been damaged and is beyond reasonable economical repair can also be termed … Continue reading

Are your online quotes guaranteed?

Quotations are guaranteed. We offer an instant scrap value based on the weight of your vehicle (which we work out from your Registration Number). As long as you have described your vehicle accurately, the quote is guaranteed.

How do I receive payment for my vehicle?

Due to the new law ‘Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013’ our ATF Members can no longer pay CASH. The most common payment methods are company cheque payment on Collection or Bank Transfer. Bank Transfers are usually cleared within 24 hours … Continue reading

Where can my car be collected?

We can collect your car from most locations including garages, storage compounds, or your work place. We offer a flexible collection service which we can discuss at the time of your call.

I have taken parts of my car?

You need to make us aware of the parts you have removed before you accept your quote. We can price/bid accordingly. The offers you receive for your car may vary depending on what parts you have removed.

How soon can you collect my car?

Depending on your location, we can often collect on the same day or next day. But on average, we collect within 48 hours at a time that is convenient to you.

Do you collect vehicles with no wheels?

With our fleet of specialised recovery vehicles we can collect most vehicles from most locations. Please advise us of this when you ring and arrange your collection, wheels missing from the vehicle will affect the value.

Can you collect my car when I am at work?

As long as someone’s there then we can collect. It doesn’t have to be the registered keeper or the legal owner, but the person present at the time of the collection will need their personal photo I.D to accept the … Continue reading

Will I get more money if I deliver the car?

When we price a vehicle we take into account the time and distance involved to travel to it’s location. Bringing the car to us will mean there is no recovery cost so we can pass that saving onto you in … Continue reading

Can I get a refund for my tax?

As the registered owner of the vehicle we would encourage you to claim your tax back from the DVLA.

What do I do with my V5c (logbook)?

On collection, we will complete Section 9 of the V5C and you need to send this to DVLA. If you have requested a Certificate of Destruction (CoD), it should arrive within 48 working hours. If you don’t have the V5C … Continue reading

Will you haggle on collection?

No, we like to provide a price that we can stick to! The only thing that may affect the price is if you have taken parts off the vehicle without telling us. Removing parts will affect the scrap value and … Continue reading

What do I need to provide when my vehicle is collected?

The person present at the time of collection will need to provide us with their own Photo I.D, the keys and, if possible, the V5C (log book).

How do I verify the identity of the collection driver?

All our drivers will come to collect your vehicle in a vehicle with full Ace Car Breakers signwriting. If you would like to verify that they are legitimate please ring us in their presence and we can confirm their identity.

Do you give me a set time for the collection?

Yes we arrange a collection time with you. We can either give you an AM or PM slot or we can work to ‘ 2 hour windows ‘ , such as between 8am-10am. Our drivers will call you prior to … Continue reading

Will I get a receipt for my vehicle when it has been removed?

At the time of collection the driver will give you a receipt from Ace Car Breakers confirming the vehicle has been collected and the price we have paid you for the vehicle.

Why do I need ID when you collect my vehicle?

Due to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, we now need to obtain a copy of your Photo I.D. We understand that this may be inconvenient and it was never required before, but that is now the law. We don’t … Continue reading

I don’t have a V5c (logbook)?

We can still collect without the V5C. All it means is that the person present at the time of collection will have to provide Photo I.D and the registered keeper will need to inform DVLA in writing. The DVLA need … Continue reading

I have no keys for my vehicle?

Just leave it to us. When we contact you to confirm your details, let us know about any obstructions or height restrictions that may make the car extra-difficult to recover. We do our best to recover any car no matter … Continue reading

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

C.O.D (certificate of destruction) is a certificate that can only be provided by a company that is registered as an ATF (authorised treatment facility), if you request a COD you will receive one. You can also be confident that your … Continue reading

What is a waste carriers licence?

A waste carriers licence is a permit from the Environmental Agency. Anyone who carries waste for business purposes has to have a waste carriers licence by law. The licence only means the holder is allowed to carry waste, not deal … Continue reading

Why are prices different for different cars?

The prices for scrap cars vary as they are based on their weight – the heavier the vehicle, the more scrap value it will have. Location of the vehicle can also play a part in the price as logistics have … Continue reading

My car is in a poor condition?

When we provide a scrap value, the price is based on the weight of the vehicle, not the condition.

Do you buy commercial and agricultural vehicles?

We do buy commercial and agricultural vehicles, usually up to 12000kg. We have purchased larger commercial vehicles but this will depend on your location and if we have suitable recovery vehicles available.

Are there any vehicles you won’t buy?

Every vehicle has a value in scrap metal so as long as an agreement can be made on price and we have the facility to collect then I am sure we can come to a deal.

Why are Ace Car Breakers able to offer such good prices?

By coming to Ace Car Breakers directly you are cutting out the middle man who would collect the vehicle from you and sell to us at a profit. By cutting this man out we are able to pass that saving … Continue reading

Why hasn’t my car been collected at the agreed time?

It is extremely rare for Ace Car Breakers to miss one of our recoveries but traffic and weather conditions can affect the drivers ability to get to you on time. By giving us an up to date telephone number for … Continue reading

Why can’t I get paid in cash?

Due to the SMDA 2013 (scrap metal dealers act 2013) scrap metal dealers and car breakers can no longer pay for vehicles using cash. Paying by cheque or bank transfer covers the buyer and seller from breaking this law.

Can you remove more than one vehicle at a time?

With our fleet of specialised vehicles Ace Car Breakers can remove multiple cars at the same or different locations. Give us a call with your requirements and we can make arrangements for you.

I have been told that Ace Car Breakers doesn’t pay what it quotes?

This is usually other competitors trying to put you off using us in order to accept there lower quote. All prices at Ace Car Breakers are guaranteed! and to be extra sure you get your money, we also guarantee all … Continue reading

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